100 hour OM Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

The next 100 hour Teacher Training with Cyndi Lee

will be September 6 – 13 at Santa Barbara Yoga, Santa Barbara, CA.
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OM yoga Teacher Training taught by Cyndi Lee will you the tools to teach creatively sequenced, alignment-based yoga classes grounded in mindfulness and compassion. Keep it safe, keep it fun, keep it real.

This 100 hour OM Vinyasa TT is recommended for those wishing to further develop their creative voice, refine language skills, hone their hands-on work and gain confidence in the seat of the teacher.

This training offers continuous opportunity for students to practice hands-on adjustments, working in groups to understand alignment. Everyone will have several chances to stand up and teach the entire group. You will get constructive, thoughtful feedback from Cyndi and a chance to try again and again! Deliberate Practice is how we develop our teaching so that it is grounded, stable and of benefit to our students.

What can you expect to learn in OM yoga 100 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training?

  • The inner & outer meaning, purpose and benefit of vinyasa yoga
  • What it means to be a teacher, clarifying intention, refining motivation
  • How to create fresh sequences based on logical unfoldings that inspire students, capture their attention and build your classes
  • Understanding movement relationship to inhaling and exhaling, openings and closing, stillness and transitions
  • Clarify understanding of essential alignment principles applied to:

4 Surya Namaskar templates
Standing poses
Balancing poses
Twists – seated and standing
Seated forward bends

  • How to Teach Inversions from the ground up
  • How to weave yoga sutras and meditation teachings into asana class through your words and your actions
  • Use of props, Creating Building Blocks
  • Intensive practice of hands-on adjustments that guide with gentleness and clarity
  • Learn to teach by looking and seeing, then speaking and listening, then touching and feeling, empowering students to live their own practice.