OM yoga 300/500 Hr teacher training with Cyndi Lee

Summer 2015 in Lynchburg, VA
June 12 – 21, 2015.  & July 31 – August 9, 2015
Registration is now open:  Click here for Lynchburg program.

Summer 2015 in Berlin, Germany
July 13-22 & Oct 13-22, 2015
Registration is now open:  Click here for Berlin program.

The Program:

The OM 300/500 hour Teacher Training program is taught by Cyndi Lee, the founder of OM yoga, an alignment-based vinyasa practice informed by Buddhist meditation methods of mindfulness and compassion.

“Cyndi’s 500 hr. TT was completely life transformative.  The whole energy of how to be a yoga teacher was truly given to me by how Cyndi teaches herself — with a lightness but also a depth of knowledge and truth.”  — Ellie Aaron, NYC yoga and meditation teacher

This advanced training course is for 200-hour certified yoga teachers looking to refine and develop their yoga teaching skill sets, deepen their own physical and spiritual practice and get fresh inspiration!

Often called a teacher’s teacher, Cyndi will offer you multiple refinements of the nuts and bolts of teaching.  More importantly, she will guide you in creating your life as a yoga teacher by helping you dig deeper, so that your own grounded sanity can be of benefit to your students.

“I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and over those 12 years I have often felt burned out and at a loss for inspiration.  Now that I have taken Cyndi Lee’s OM 500 Teacher Training, I feel completely different, completely inspired, and so, so blessed.  If you are even considering it, you must do it.” — Erica Settino, founder, Karuna for Animals

Traditionally, we are taught that to develop and deepen, we need Study and Practice — these are the two wings of the bird and we need both to fly!

The OM 300/500 TT is structured in three parts:  Sun, Moon and Mentoring, in order to provide a balance of study and practice, and create a clear path toward becoming a more confident, clear, compassionate and marketable yoga teacher.

Certification Process: Sun, Moon and Mentoring

The Sun, Moon & Mentoring sessions each equal 100 hours, including preparation and homework.   Upon completion of Sun & Moon, you will work with Cyndi to develop a personal 100 contact hours mentoring program.  You will have six months to complete your mentoring hours. When Sun, Moon and Mentoring have all been successfully completed and approved by Cyndi, you will receive an OM yoga 300/500 TT Certificate of Completion.

Either the Sun or the Moon sessions (100 hours each) can be taken separately.  To be eligible to take either or both of these sessions with Cyndi, you must have a 200 hour TT certificate.

The OM 300/500 training includes three shorter trainings which also can be taken separately:

Meditation Teacher Training 

Pranayama Teacher Training 

Restorative Teacher Training 

The Mentoring Program means that you get to decide what you are most interested in learning within the realm of yoga. For example, you may wish to go deeper into ayurveda or pre-natal yoga or yoga for cancer or yoga for prisoners or pranayama or more anatomy or core training and how it relates to yoga practice or meditation study and practice, etc. Or you may wish to concentrate on strengthening your own asana practice. The options are limitless. You and I will work together to shape your personal mentoring program and then you will write a paper about the work or create a project relating your mentoring work to our training together. The cost of the mentoring depends on what you choose to study, so it can be completely within your price range. You can begin it as soon as you register for the program and we have a chance to talk about it.

Application Process:

Applications are required for the OM 300/500 Hr Teaching Training, the Sun Session and the Moon Session. For application, syllabus and dates, refer to the event page of whichever training you are interested in attending. Click here for the current schedule of trainings.

No Application is required for the Meditation, Pranayama or Restorative Teacher Training. 


“Cyndi is a down to earth teacher.  With her precise alignment instructions she guides students to connect to themselves and get stable and clear.  She has a unique way of blending Buddha-dharma into yoga classes, thereby encouraging students to see and touch their potential, their basic sanity.” — Detlev Alexander, Berlin, Germany

“Besides being a wonderful yoga teacher, she is so kind, smart and cool…and frigging funny!” — Dona Piza, Owner, Prana Yoga, Miami, FL