OM yoga Meditation Teacher Trainings & Immersions

Summer 2015 in Lynchburg, VA
OM Meditation TT Level 1 – June 19 & 20, 2015.  $195, click to register.
OM Meditation TT Level 2 – July 31 & August 1, 2015.  $210, click to register.

Summer 2015 in Berlin, Germany
OM Meditation TT Level 1 – July 17 & 18, 2015.  $300, click to register.
OM Meditation TT Level 2 – October 17 & 18, 2015  $320, click to register.


Cyndi teaches shamatha or mindfulness/awareness meditation as the foundation for cultivating self-knowledge and confidence in our own goodness, insight and compassion. Buddhist teachings say that the ground of our being is unconditional wisdom and compassion.  But we don’t always recognize this in ourselves or others, because of obstacles such as mental discursiveness, grumpy inner critic, fear, discouragement, or lack of focus.

Shamatha meditation, taught for over 2,500 years, offers a simple, yet profound technique for helping us focus and relax at the same time, so that we can allow our true nature to flower.

The fruit of this practice is the ability to connect to our inherent strength, stability and clarity.  These are the same tools we use when teaching meditation to others.

OM Meditation Teacher Trainings & Immersions Level 1,2 & 3 include two parts, Practice & Study:


  • clear meditation instruction and daily practice
  • sitting posture work
  • simple stretching and some restorative yoga
  • specific instruction in how to teach meditation talks for a group
  • teaching practice in front of the group, with feedback from Cyndi
  • shamatha, vipassana, maitri and walking meditation instruction and practice
  • how to develop a healthy meditation practice


  • overview of the stages on the Buddhist path
  • Understanding the Four Noble Truths and how that relates to all of us now
  • purpose of meditation
  • journaling homework
  • small study group assignments
  • reading assignments

Who is eligible for this training? 

  • People who have never meditated before
  • Experienced meditators who would like to deepen and refresh their practice
  • People who want to offer meditation instruction in a group setting, ie.  yoga class, school groups, therapy sessions, social work environments,corporate retreats
  • People who want to give one-on-one meditation instruction


OM Meditation Teacher Trainings & Immersions include 3 levels:

Level 1
Pre-requisite:  anyone with a genuine interest in meditation practice, with or without an interest in teaching meditation.

  • Get inspiration for beginning a daily meditation
  • Refresh your current practice
  • Learn/clarify your understanding of the fundamentals of meditation practice
  • Gain understanding of the Buddhist path

Level 1 Practices

  • Shamatha or mindfulness meditation
  • Introduction to Vipassana or awareness meditation
  • Introduction to Maitri or lovingkindness meditation
  • Walking meditation as a bridge practice between formal sitting meditation and the more interactive experience of our daily life
  • Stretching and restorative yoga, supported with bolsters, to help your body stay pliant and reawaken stagnant physical energy

Level 1 Schedule

* Dharma Talk by Cyndi  “Getting Familiar”
* Detailed Shamatha Instruction
* Short Practice Period

* Shamatha practice
* Overview of the stages of Meditation and the Buddhist Path
* Q & A
* Dharma Talk: “Motivation & Dedication:
* Introduction of Maitri/Lovingkindness practice

Level 2:
Pre-requisite: completion of Level 1 & regular meditation practice

  • Learn how to give meditation instruction to a group
  • Deepen your own practice, mindfulness & contemplative meditation
  • Structure and deliver a pithy 5-minute dharma talk
  • Explore your way to field questions and lead group discussions that are compelling and inspiring.
  • Practice teaching to a group and receive feedback from Cyndi

Level 2 Practices:

  • Shamatha — Mindfulness
  • Vipassana — Insight/Awareness
  • Maitri — Lovingkindness
  • Contemplative Meditation
  • Introduction to Tonglen — Compassion meditation

Level 2  Schedule

  • Shamatha instruction review & practice
  • Dharma Talk: “The Four Ennobling Truths”
  • Q & A
  • Meditation Teaching Methodology, part 1
  • Participants create short meditation talks
  • Shamatha practice
  • Shamatha Practice
  • Participants practice giving meditation talks/instruction in small groups
  • Meditation Teaching Methodology, part 2
  • Participants give meditation talk/instruction in front of entire group
  • Feedback from Cyndi
  • Q & A
  • Dedication of Merit

Level 3:

Pre-requisite: Completion of Level 1 & 2;  meditation practice of 30 min/day 4-5 x week.

  • Learn and practice how to work one-on-one with meditation students
  • Discussion of the Preceptor role as Hinayana Teacher
  • Practice teaching individuals, receive feedback from Cyndi
  • Sit longer meditation sessions to develop stamina and insight
  • Emphasis on study and practice of heart practices, cultivating bodhicitta
  • Dharma talk on the traditional stages of compassion
  • Review and deepen practice of tonglen: exchanging self and others

Upon successful completion of Level 3 and teacher approval you will receive an OM yoga Meditation Teacher Certificate.