January Newsletter: Deep Equation, Sneak Peek, New Year

Freebie Cyndi Lee

When I mention that Brad and I spent the Christmas weekend sitting a Zen retreat, most people say, “Oh, that sounds so nice and relaxing.” And they are right…and not right. The rigors of a Zen retreat include waking up at 5am (without coffee!) and then managing to stay awake and upright during a full day of meditation; not […]

December Newsletter: Digestion, New Videos & 2015 Teacher Trainings

Cyndi Lee December Newsletter

Out my window tall barren branches stretch up into this crisp Virginia winter morning.  As usual, the sky seems to be a mirror of my mind, half clouds and half blue.  The end of the year is coming close and I’m finding it challenging to keep my mind right here, right now, in 2014.  I’m half […]

November Newsletter: Leroy, 6 billion moments, Fall Retreats


As I write this letter to you I realize that there are 70 days left in 2014. What will we do with those days? And nights? The 6,400,099,180 moments in each day? That’s more numbers than my calculator will let me enter so clearly 70 x 6,400,099,180 still gives us a lot of possibility for the rest of 2014.

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Cyndi & May I Be Happy — in the Miami New Times


“Yoga Guru Cyndi Lee on A Simple Way to Stop Hating Our Bodies”

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Audio Talk: Yoga Is Not An Aspirin

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This interview was part of the Future of Yoga Summit 2014, a free online event that featured internationally-renowned yogis offering deep wisdom, techniques and insights to help you elevate your practice to the next level, and serve as a catalyst for positive shifts in your life, family, community and beyond. For more information, please visit http://futureofyogasummit.com

Newsletter: Summercamp, Yogajam & Elephant says

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Last week I attended a sessin at Upaya Zen Center led by Roshi Norman Fischer.  Sessin means “a gathering of heart and mind.”  That is also a definition of meditation which is what we did from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.  Much of that time we were on our cushions “just sitting.”  But there was also work practice — cleaning toilets, sweeping the pathways, working in the […]

#selfieatsixty #day 30 insideout&upsidedowngassho

The #selfieatsixty practice project of taking a yoga selfie for 30 days has come and gone.   I will write more about it soon.  For now, a bow of appreciation — ok, maybe it’s sort of an inside out and upside down kind of bow – but it is still a bow to you from my heart, for sharing this practice with me.


#selfieatsixty #day 29 Holding Up the Tree

One of the beautiful and gigantic osage orange trees in our backyard fell over a few months ago.  I told myself that this is why I did this Pinca Mayurasana against a tree.  To keep the trees up.  But, truly, I have just been having a hankering to do this for a while and today was the day.  At first, I tried to do it against that leaning over tree in the background, but […]

#selfieatsixty Day 28 being 60 is good for this reason

Today I was just bone tired.  It was 90 degrees in the shade here and I took a NIA class in a hot gym.  I love NIA but this class did not perk me up or refresh me the way that yoga almost always does.  So this is the pose that I had to give today.  That’s another really good thing about being 60.  I am good at respecting myself, my energy level, and […]

#selfieatsixty #day27 i bow to the guru in my yoga-like way

My practice space is very minimal.  I like to be under stimulated when I practice.  Rimpoche is the only image in the space, because who else do I need to see?  He is the reminder and the example.  I wanted to have him near my head in this pose as if I was doing an upside down bow.  I also like black and red and white together, don’t you?