Cyndi & May I Be Happy — in the Miami New Times

“Yoga Guru Cyndi Lee on A Simple Way to Stop Hating Our Bodies”

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Audio Talk: Yoga Is Not An Aspirin

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This interview was part of the Future of Yoga Summit 2014, a free online event that featured internationally-renowned yogis offering deep wisdom, techniques and insights to help you elevate your practice to the next level, and serve as a catalyst for positive shifts in your life, family, community and beyond. For more information, please visit

Newsletter: Summercamp, Yogajam & Elephant says

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Last week I attended a sessin at Upaya Zen Center led by Roshi Norman Fischer.  Sessin means “a gathering of heart and mind.”  That is also a definition of meditation which is what we did from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.  Much of that time we were on our cushions “just sitting.”  But there was also work practice — cleaning toilets, sweeping […]

#selfieatsixty #day 30 insideout&upsidedowngassho

The #selfieatsixty practice project of taking a yoga selfie for 30 days has come and gone.   I will write more about it soon.  For now, a bow of appreciation — ok, maybe it’s sort of an inside out and upside down kind of bow – but it is still a bow to you from my heart, for sharing this practice with me.


#selfieatsixty #day 29 Holding Up the Tree

One of the beautiful and gigantic osage orange trees in our backyard fell over a few months ago.  I told myself that this is why I did this Pinca Mayurasana against a tree.  To keep the trees up.  But, truly, I have just been having a hankering to do this for a while and today was the day.  At first, I tried to do it against that leaning over […]

#selfieatsixty Day 28 being 60 is good for this reason

Today I was just bone tired.  It was 90 degrees in the shade here and I took a NIA class in a hot gym.  I love NIA but this class did not perk me up or refresh me the way that yoga almost always does.  So this is the pose that I had to give today.  That’s another really good thing about being 60.  I am good at respecting […]

#selfieatsixty #day27 i bow to the guru in my yoga-like way

My practice space is very minimal.  I like to be under stimulated when I practice.  Rimpoche is the only image in the space, because who else do I need to see?  He is the reminder and the example.  I wanted to have him near my head in this pose as if I was doing an upside down bow.  I also like black and red and white together, don’t you?

#selfieatsixty #day 26 Force of Nature

This bench is in my backyard and every time I see it I want to sit here and meditate.  Even on a sunny day when a big hat is required.  I feel reverent in this nature spot and even after a year, can hardly I believe that I get to live here.  I bow in gratitude.  I remember Roshi Joan’s story about asking herself this question:  “What do I need?” […]

#selfieatsixty #day 25 untyingtheknots

Twisting is really about getting untwisted, isn’t it?  You have probably seen pictures or statues of Buddha with a mudra like this:  each hand has the thumb and index finger joined in an “ok” sign.  Hands are stacked in front of his chest; the top hand has the palm facing out and bottom palm is facing in so the thumbs of two “ok” signs are almost touching.  This mudra means […]

#selfieatsixty #day24 #tbt

Why not do a Throwback Thursday selfie? Because you have already figured out that these “selflies” are actually taken by my mystery photographer who happened to be out of town on this day. I don’t feel bad about calling them selflies, though, because they are a special category of selfie, which is the “yoga selfie” and those are always taken by others. Who can take a picture of themself […]