May I Be Happy – Now In Paperback!

cyndilee_books_mibh_paperbackHappiness is our birth right yet, amazingly, many of us aren’t sure what it feels like; how to recognize it; or most importantly, that we even deserve to be happy.  Just as no one else can do your yoga for you or meditate for you, no one else can make you happy either.  Taking responsibility for our own happiness is how we get familiar with compassion and understanding, in turn helping us to be better friends, parents, children, worldly people.

May I Be Happy classes and retreats use traditional Lovingkindness practice, called Maitri, as the framework for asana and meditation sessions. Each session will focus on two of the slogans — May I Be Happy, Healthy, Safe & At Ease.
Through dharma talks, guided meditations, discussions and journaling, Cyndi offers inspiring reminders that we already have everything we need to experience happiness, health, a sense of safety and ease every single day of our lives.
Cyndi Lee has given us many gifts over the years, starting by setting a beautiful example to others in the yoga community by seeming to never lose site of the essence of the practice as one of opening to deep honesty with oneself and sharing with openness and compassion with others on paths of healing and happiness.In this memoir, Cyndi bares her soul not with any sense that her story is somehow mostly about her but rather, true to her deep roots in both the deeply compassionate world of mindful Buddhism and the transformative practice of yoga, a window onto the inner pain, doubt and confusion that initially brings most folks to either of these perfectly complementary paths. As with her earlier writings, her voice feels natural – probably because it is – and with she lets us more easily sense how we in each of our own lives have all experienced the things she so simply yet eloquently evokes, here offering her reflections on her personal journey of mindful change as something of a well crafted mirror that allows us to see ourselves more clearly and with deeper insight.

All too many yoga teachers seem to occupy a pedestal as though they belong there when in reality not one does, and in this memoir Cyndi Lee reveals what most teachers feel but are either too afraid or too intoxicated by that self-elevation to appreciate as the daily costs of sustaining oneself in an attitude that undermines the soul of the very practice they are ostensibly sharing. While Lee gives us keen insight into these dynamics with which most yoga teachers will identify, she does it with a lightness and sense of self-effacing, self-revealing humor and joy that’s is as contagious as it is enlightening. – Mark Stephens

May I Be Happy: Workshops, Retreats & Events with Cyndi Lee