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How Practice Shows Up
a note from Cyndi
It’s working. This yoga and dharma stuff is showing up regularly in my life and you know how I can tell? I’m happy, which is a good thing for everybody. If you are happy, that is also a good thing for everybody. I’m not talking jumping-up-and-down peak experience situation, but rather a major lessening of craving. I’m no longer looking outside myself for fulfillment or happiness. The Sanskrit word for this sense of contentment is Santosha.Happy with my students

From years of dedicated practice I’m finally getting pretty good at recognizing when I am making myself unhappy. It’s usually when I want something I don’t have and 99% of the time don’t need. Or when I just habitually look at things from a wrong-side-of-the-bed perspective. But that’s just a habit. It’s not a crime; just an old worn-out habit. These days it is not difficult to flip that or let it go altogether because I am clear that I do not want that inner whiner in my life anymore.

For one thing, I see that it is only me that is getting grumpy…that is, at first. If I stay grumpy then it’s going to start to infect my relationships. And I’ve got some beautiful friendships that I am grateful for. I want to nourish them. I want to nourish me.

So I meditate and that enables me to clearly see my habits; gives me the strength and commitment to let them go of what hurts me and others and the stability to hold steady to the course that nourishes me.

Maybe it’s turning 60 but recently it’s gotten easier because it got so much clearer. I have had my heart broken more than once, lost my parents in two different sad ways, and over these 60 years had numerous challenges that stressed me and hurt a lot. This will not change because life holds more for me and all of us. But I see that HOW we live with what is, holds the key. Just as what we practice in yoga is not really about which poses we do, but HOW we do them that creates transformation and positivity.

That’s all I wanted to say this year, right around Thanksgiving. Santosha is powerful. Patanjali says Santosha brings unsurpassed joy. I wish this for all of you this Thanksgiving.



OM yoga 500 hour Teacher Training
Application deadline extended to Dec 12th

Only 6 spots left!

This continuing education course is for 200-hour certified yoga teachers looking to refine and develop their yoga teaching skill sets, deepen their own physical and spiritual practice and get fresh inspiration.Questions? Email Cyndi & she will respond after December 8th when she returns from silent retreat.

Program Dates: Sun Session, Part 1: Jan 18-26, 2014. Moon Session, Part 2: Apr 4-13, 2-14 (Part 2)

The following sections may be taken separately:

Sun Session, Part 1
or Moon Session, Part 2.

Registration and payment in full of $1,500.00 for either is due by December 4.
OM Restorative Teacher Training April 10 & 11 – $275
OM Pranayama Teacher Training April 8 & 9, 2014. $275
Exquisite Sequencing, Building the Basics, Smart, Mixed Level — Jan 20, $375

OM Meditation Teacher Training at Kripalu


OM Meditation Immersion & Teacher Training

Gain a comprehensive understanding of meditation practice and stages of the Buddhist path. Deepen your personal practice and develop the skill sets for presenting meditation and its benefits in a genuinely supportive and clear way.

(Level 1 & 2)
Kripalu, in the Berkshires of Western MA

May I Be Happy

May I Be Happy

We’re so excited that Cyndi’s book May I Be Happy is being released in paperback on Jan. 26 with a new cover! Available on Amazon,
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Jan 31 – Feb 2 – May I Be Happy Weekend Workshop. Willow St. Yoga, Washington DC

Mar 1 – 2, May I Be Happy Classes & Keynote Speaker – Cannon Beach Yoga Festival, Cannon Beach, OR

Mar 7 – 9 – May I Be Happy Retreat for Women – Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

May 2 – 4 – May I Be Happy Weekend Workshops, Suncoast YTA, Florida

Jun 13 – 15 – May I Be Happy: Embodying Compassion Workshop Kaia Yoga, Westport, CT


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